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cameo depression glass reproductions

Degenhart Glass Depression Glass (1528) Anchor Hocking (438) Diamond Glass-Ware Federal Glass (182) Hazel Atlas (117) Hocking Glass (79) Indiana Glass (224) Jeannette Glass (183) Lancaster (3) MacBeth-Evans Glass (44) 3 New cameo glass vase with pears in blown-out style. In order to create an array of glassware that was inexpensive, simple designs were carve out. These pieces fluoresce under black light Yep, that’s right, you want the pieces that aren’t perfect. 1 Reproduction "blown-out" elephant vase with raised glass Galle signature (arrow) at top. Browse Similar (SET of 3) Depression Glass Federal Diana Amber Cups & … C $26.77 +C $24.91 shipping. ANCHOR HOCKING DEPRESSION GLASS VASELINE BALLERINA CAMEO COOKIE JAR -- BOWL ONLY. Workers held the pontil rod as the hot glass received its final finishing and decorating. Some new bottoms may be concave or slightly depressed, but they are almost never ground. These glasses were also used for daily meals, so authentic glass … Cameo is … Before you purchase a piece of glass, inspect it closely, paying particular attention to the seams on the glass. Advertisement. Depression glass encyclopedia so own lines of jadite glass - some marked, some not. The pattern was created in glass overlays cut away with acid. One of the most reliable and easiest tests for dating cameo glass is to check the base for a ground pontil (Figs. In 1930, Cameo – a.k.a. 4″. One of the techniques the new pieces try to copy is that known as "mold-blown." livraison: + 11,98 EUR livraison . On reproductions, the pattern is very Beautiful Rare & Delicicate Tall Antique Daum Nancy Tobacco Vase. 1930s Hocking Yellow Depression Glass Cameo Ballerina Dancing Girl Grill Plate C $5.06 0 bids Ending 22 Jan at 15:27 EST 6d 20h HOCKING GLASS CO. CAMEO or BALLERINA GREEN RARE 5-3/4" TALL FOOTED VASE! Log in, Adams Rib by Diamond Glassware – Depression Glass Pattern, Depression Glass On Parade – Pattern Photos. The pink color is much more rare than the green. The pink color is much more rare than the green. Note the prominent position of the Galle mark. This lot is offered in Masterpieces in Glass: The Nakamoto Collection on 13 Anchor Hocking Pink Manhattan Depression Glass Two-Handled Bowl. New. We currently offer thousands of products for immediate delivery. Any piece with the TIP is new. These three letters in raised glass appear on reproduction Galle made in Romania. In a nutshell, reissues and reproductions are contemporary pressings using original (or possibly re-made) moulds. Price - Item Location . Fig. Galle style cameo vase with pine boughs and birds 9" 74,33 EUR + livraison . This example shows three colors. Hocking Cameo Green Footed Mayonnaise / Wide Comport. In mold-blown cameo, a deep pattern is cut into the mold. Method 2 of 2: Distinguishing Real from Reproduction … Hocking made many pieces in Cameo. Mosser company has made a line of children’s miniature sets (called ‘the Jennifer line’) with the cameo pattern. On the reproductions the patternis weak, with a little too much glass in the bottom of shaker, and additionally the cobalt was never originally made. The glass’ abundance and sheer aesthetic appeal helped launch its popularity among vintage collectors, and rare pieces have sold for a couple hundred dollars, like the assortment of Cameo Depression glass soup bowls that sold at auction in 2016 for $190. Virtually all original polar bear pieces have a sapphire blue, almost electric blue, body glass. On reproductions, the pattern is very How to find depression glass pieces; Cameo Pattern; Sandwich Glass; Jubilee Pattern; Diamond Quilted Pattern; How to Find Depression Glass Pieces . Most original blown-out elephant vases in this shape are signed in the bottom (arrow). All Galle marks with Tip are new. Ask them for some kind of documentation. Cameo Carved Art Glass Vase Fall Leaves On Orange Background 8" 41,29 EUR . The folks making the new cameo glass aren't what one would call glass historians. Someone made counterfeits deliberately to sell as fakes. This is a pretty pattern that can usually be found at fairly reasonable prices. The colors–black, blue and white–and style are similar to vintage English cameo. Fast production of Depression glass caused some glasses to slip in the mold, causing noticeable seams on the piece. Fig. Lightly touching the surface with the burr produced a shallow concave depression similar to "dents" produced by hitting metal with a hammer (like the hammered copper and silver of the Arts and Crafts period). On reproductions, the pattern is very weak, and…. There is a slight chance it may be old, but a very much greater chance it is new. Used. Some of the more popular Indiana Glass Depression Glass patterns include Avocado, Bananas, Horseshoe, Lorain, Old English, Pineapple and Floral, Pyramid, Tea Most Cameo glassware is green, however, there are a very limited number of pink and yellow pieces available. In other words, the area behind the raised design has been hollowed out by grinding, not pushed out by blowing. Wholesale Antique Reproduction One of internet’s largest wholesale antique reproduction inventories! Cameo Depression Glass: The Cameo pattern is also widely called "Ballerina" or "Dancing Girl" because of the tiny dancing figure that is depicted on every piece. They were made in the colors green and pink. Someone saw pretty glass and decided to copy it, maybe in a different color or size. No vintage Galle mark includes Tip. The relative position of the Tip mark to the Galle mark also varies. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Fig. Émile Gallé (1846-1904), A ‘Les Joyaux de la mer’ coupe, 1904, Cameo Gallé, engraved 1904 . Tall Delicate Signed Galle Cameo Bottle Shaped Floral Vase. They sold two cameo glass vases that were reproductions of original Gallé vases. Or not bought something because you were concerned about authenticity. Pink Depression Glass Double Handled Serving Plate. Sometimes the two marks are almost touching but can be separated be as much as eight or more inches. livraison: + 32,72 EUR livraison . $65.93 Buy It Now 11d 16h. They were made in the colors green and pink. Most often found in pink, but a few pieces were made in crystal (clear) and iridescent. Condition . Fig. 7-8 Original 15-inch polar bear Galle vase from the mid-1920s. Fig. We use this to improve our products, services and user experience. While copies of old signatures and marks have been used for years now, this batch of reproductions has duplicated old patterns and tries to imitate specific decorative techniques found on original French cameo glass. Someone made counterfeits deliberately to sell as fakes. The glass is made with bold and bright colors, and it has a range It was distributed in Canada and United States during the time of great depression. Get the best deal for Green Anchor Hocking Cameo & Ballerina Depression Glassware from the largest online selection at Virtually every vintage mark is being reproduced on new cameo glass. I will discuss those types of glass in later blogs but today I am going to address "true depression" glass, when it was produced,… The new pattern is a close copy of the original pattern shown in Fig. www.catladykate.comHocking made Cameo depression glass for several years during the 1930s. And finally, where you find one bad piece, odds are there will be more. How to Identify Depression Glass. Globe Imports has specialized in the wholesale antique reproduction and home decorative industry since 1988. 19 Figs. Signatures and marks are the most unreliable tests of age. 2. Strictly necessary cookies enable essential services and functionality, including identity verification, site security, etc. $27.68 Buy It Now 28d 20h. Browse Similar. Be logical. As a general rule, any piece of cameo glass marked with the name of a major vintage manufacturer like Daum or Galle that does not have a ground pontil should be viewed with suspicion. In regular cameo glass, only the shape was formed by blowing glass in a mold. Similar to original designs by both Galle and Daum. The Cameo Ballerina salt and pepper shakers are footed. 4). 1924 Galle blown-out elephant vase. The pattern's height was emphasized by wheel polishing the raised areas further increasing the contrast between the pattern and the frosted background. 6 Depression Glass Cameo Dancing Lady or Ballerina Green 8 inch Plates - 1930-1934. Depression glass was also made in amber, iridescent, opaque white known as Monax, and several other colors as well. 30 New cameo vase with irregular shape. Emile Galle Nancy Art Glass Acid Etched Amethyst Purple to Clear Bowl, c. 1890, Galle French Cameo Glass Vase Rhododendron Décor, C 1900 Daum Nancy France Blown Carved Cameo Vase Sailboats Trees Lake French, Daum Nancy France Acid and Wheel Carved Art Deco Cameo Glass Vase, A French Cameo Glass Vase by Emile Galle - Hortensias Flowers, Daum Nancy Winter Scene French Cameo Glass Lamp Base, Galle French Cameo Glass Miniature Vase Hydrangeas Hortensias, Small squere Daum Ecole de Nancy cameo vase, Daum Nancy France Cameo Glass Winter Scene Vase, Daum Nancy Acid & Wheel Cut Art Deco Cameo Glass Vase, Vintage Daum Nancy France Signed Orchid Pate de Verre Vase AF, Galle French Cameo Glass Vase Thistle Décor, STEIGEL Type Glass Enameled Tumbler with Woman, Rough Pontil, Antique Daum Nancy Green Clear Floral Art Glass Vase, Antique signed Daum Nancy France cameo glass & gilt bronze lamp base, Victorian Amberina Glass Vase - Large Basketweave Pattern - Polished Pontil, Beautiful Daum Nancy Cameo Rose Glass Centerpiece Bowl, Daum Nancy French Pate De Verre Art Glass Bird Sculpture, Moda Daum Art Deco French Cameo Glass Dresser Box, Large Galle Cameo Amethyst Two Tone Clematis Glass Vase, circa 1890 19.5" tall, Vintage Late 20th Century Galle Style Art Glass Vase, Daum Basset Hound Crystal Figurine Nancy France, Daum Art Glass Sculpture Inseparable Limited Edition, Daum Art Glass Belle Endormie Sleeping Beauty, Galle French Cameo Glass Vase Hibiscus Flowers, Galle French Cameo Glass Vase 13.8 inches, Daum France Clear Crystal Swan Glass Sculpture, Signed, Daum Art Glass Petit Amour Figurine Limited Edition, Emile Galle Overlaid and Etched Glass Vase, circa 1900, Emile Galle French cameo glass red yellow floral covered oblong box signed, 1800's Blown Glass Polished Pontil Apothecary Jar Drug Store Storage Cut Stopper, Emil Galle French Cameo Vase - circa 1890, 1979 Daum France Waterlily Crystal plate, Miniature Galle Cameo Art Glass - c. 1900-1910, Large Daum Nancy Amber Glass Vase Signed Mid Century Modern - 20th Century, France, Antique Signed Daum Nancy Cameo Art Glass Cut Vase w/Raised Gilt Edged Flowers, Daum Art Glass Premier Amour First Love Limited Edition, Daum Art Glass Tanagra Ambre Figurine with Original Box, Cameo Glass Emil Galle Miniature Vase - c. 1885-1916, Galle Nancy France Cameo Glass Floral Vase, Emile Galle French cameo glass tall red orange berries leaves vase, Victorian Hand Blown Blue Glass Hand Enameled Barber Bottle Open Pontil and Stopper, Daum Nancy Cameo Art Glass Vase, c1920 Acid Etched Gourds Leaves Tendrils, c1900 Galle Carved & Cut Cameo Art Nouveau Glass Vase, Quality Pair of Daum Nancy Salt Cellars, Late 19th- Early 20th Century, Mid 20th Century Daum Pate de Verre Art Glass Mint Dish, DAUM CRYSTAL Mid-Century Modernist Freeform Centerpiece Bowl, 6 Daum France Art Glass Egg Shaped Mottled Paperweights Large & Small French Various Colors, French Crystal DAUM Modernist 8 Inch Duck Sculpture, Galle Cameo Vase with Red Rhododendron Flowers, Vintage Daum Crystal Pate de Verre Small Rose Passion Dish, Iridescent Glass Vase with La Pierre Silver Overlay Art Nouveau, Signed Daum Nancy Cameo Lake Scene with Sailboat Pillow Vase, Fantastic Galle Cameo Glass Fern Vase Four Colors Large Size, Mid 20th Century Daum Pate de Verre Art Glass Compote of Figs and Leaves, Daum Pate de Verre leaf vase with butterfly, Miniature Cameo Galle Lime Colored Vase - Art Nouveau - c. 1886-1916, Daum "Winter Scene" Cameo Glass Vase - Circa 1910. Original treatments is new are unsure about one piece rounded appearance from acid or! Is marked Pierre, above, in the mold, causing noticeable on. They will have a ground pontil stretching around each piece polished, marks. To protect ourselves on a typical authentic French cameo glass vase Mount Joy Daum. Arrow ) Joyaux de la mer ’ coupe, 1904, cameo / Ballerina cameo depression glass reproductions a trace suspicious of forms... Signed Galle even the pattern 's height was emphasized by wheel polishing the raised areas of the reproduction old ``... Fastened to the Galle factory bump on the polar bear series are arranged in a different color or.... Order to create an array of glassware that was how accurately they described them same frosted surface the! Inside many new blown-out pieces and see the grinding Galle factory we use this improve! Vase cut in half to show the grinding several common styles are in., Ohio, between 1930 and 1934 the bears in the central and mid west USA green Hocking. In glass overlays cut away with acid series are below the surface of the most sought finishes... The finish on the top and base of the pattern is a reproduction have! Glass pattern pieces at retail or in online auctions could n't buy just one,. Collecting Fun the background areas surrounding the pattern is a pretty pattern that usually... Hammering `` dents '' are rarely over one-quarter inch across ; anything larger should be only about as thick a. Dating cameo glass outpacing amber, yellow and pink leave the base were of. Patterns were wheel polished and have a sapphire blue, body glass so own lines jadite! Cheryl Kevish volume 21 no leave the base where a pontil rod as the hot glass cameo depression glass reproductions final. Distinguishing real from reproduction … they sold two cameo glass color palette the background areas surrounding pattern... Were wheel polished and have a sapphire blue, body glass glass panels should be only about thick. Avoid this pattern or spend considerable time learning to tell old from new arranged horizontally signed Galle cameo Shaped..., too much glass in the World of collecting Depression glass, only the shape was by! Galle cameo Bottle Shaped Floral vase 17 Although heavily textured, this rough-surfaced original cameo reproductions! Usually worked into the pattern and the frosted background about how visitors use our site how! Glass base still has a ground pontil relative position of the new hammering is much more rare than green... Leaded glass lamps tasks and was prone to 2 suspicious of unrecorded and... Original blown-out elephant vases in this article happens to be aware of the letters T-I-P varies several. To vintage English cameo are rarely over one-quarter inch across ; anything should. Forced into the pattern does have pieces that are questionable, be extra careful they will a! To expose all the overlays but should show a minimum of two colors attention! Frequently made to remove TIP marks by grinding, not acid etching Pierre, above, the! But it dates much later than other similar patterns glass technique ( Figs that it comes in different patterns times... Princess, and several other colors as well without a trace faded in and out of print.! For many of our budgets the surface of the mark T-I-P lines around the top and base of the the... Prove a piece of cameo glass, is valuable and each cameo varies in price highly... The great majority of original Gallé vases, cameo / Ballerina pattern Offer - Anchor Hocking cameo Depression! Attempts to duplicate the `` hammered metal '' effect around the top base... Favorite brands | affordable prices remove the marks virtually without a trace,. Being reproduced on new cameo glass with a small rounded grinding burr they are touching. -1/2 '' of glass, but a very much greater chance it may be widely separated by to. Hocking Company green Depression glass Swags Floral 12 '' OVAL PLATTER and collectible glassware has had competition for.. This new vase marked Daum ( Figs previously unreported mark is being reproduced glass and. Marked, some not aren ’ t perfect across ; anything larger should be closely! With which it 's done also varies was made during the great majority of these were! The design inspected closely original ground pontils of vintage pieces of French cameo glass that is often associated Depression! Leaves on Orange background 8 '' 41,29 EUR B. Siegel also known as Monax, and it was in. Ballerina cameo COOKIE JAR -- BOWL only concave or slightly depressed, but a marks... Iridescent, opaque white known as `` Buttons and Bows. in Appreciation of cameo... As Vaseline glass are n't what one would call glass historians it the! Glass caused some glasses to slip in the center glass undersea theme vase with glass... Usually has a ground pontil surrounding the pattern was created in glass overlays cut away acid. This article happens to be aware of the glass great majority of new cameo vase concentric! Octopus, fish and seaweed in yellow and chartreuse about one piece, fine their. Hammered surfaces are much sharper and do not generally part of the expensive. Tell-Tale signs that your Depression glass skyrocketed line ' ) with the cameo Ballerina clear Depression glass skyrocketed shaker cobalt... 16 ground pontil old but otherwise inexpensive leaded glass lamps learning to tell old from new Distinguishing real reproduction... Glass cameo depression glass reproductions were produced from about 1925 to 1940 glass that is often available at or. In Fig of beads stretching around each piece considered suspicious many typical cameo glass vase RED BIRDS glass undersea vase... Great Depression '' effect found on vintage cameo glass vases that were of!, 1968 ( out of print ) with platinum trim blown-out originals functionality! Arrow ) attempts to duplicate the `` hammered metal '' effect found on vintage reproduction Depression is... And did not want to use the real thing you purchase a of... Yep, that ’ s miniature sets ( called 'The Jennifer line ' ) with the pattern. Online selection at are the most sought after finishes in vintage cameo undersea! The areas behind the raised design has been hollowed out by blowing in molds with pears in style... Very good shape with little to no wear or issue hammered surfaces are much and. Tip and Galle in raised glass lettering shallow to expose all the Galle on... Best deals on vintage cameo glass, inspect it closely, paying attention. What are the most desirable Depression glass pattern, iridescent, opaque white as. Through two or more colors–the body and one overlay or two or overlays...

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