FIRST Tech Challenge

Stealth also runs a couple FTC seasons every FTC season. This is a great way to train rookies for the upcoming FRC season as well as time to learn and attempt new methods, techniques, and tools.

Autonomous Prime
FTC #7759

Autonomous Prime had a very successful season in the 2021 – 2022 Freight Frenzy season. After captaining the winning alliance at the Pasteur Interleague, they ended up winning the state championship as well, as the second pick of the winning alliance. Along the way, the picked up a couple awards such as the Design Award.

FTC #13648

Jankbot also had quite the Freight Frenzy season. While having trouble in their FIRST two league events, at interleagues they were picked by none other than #7759. Together they won the Pasteur Interleague event. Here Jankbot also won the think award. Jankbot then moved on and competed with #7759 at the Washington state competition. 

FTC #7760

Mishap had a quite interesting season. They did quite well in their first two league meets. At Pasteur interleague, they put on quite a performance, getting them to the semi-finals.