General Resources

Here are some general resources about FIRST, the team and more

FIRST Website

A great place to learn more about FIRST as well as a place to get official information about FIRST teams, events, and more from around the world.


The official site of FIRST Washington. The place to get information about local PNW events and more as well as information about the FIRST in the PNW.

Cheif Delphi

Chief Delphi is the biggest FIRST forum. Ask questions about hardware, software, electrical, team management, and more and get answers from seasoned veterans and proffesionals. 

The Blue Alliance

The Blue Alliance is the best place to get FRC statistics and information. Lookup any team in any year as well as event results and scores. TBA also allows you to keep up with teams and events in real-time as they compete.

Crescendo (2024)
Game Specific Resources

Here are some resources that are specific to the 2024 FRC Game, Crescendo.

Game Manual

Holds all rules that apply for the current FRC game and season. First place to refer to when there is a question about the rules.

Game Animation

The official game animation from FIRST. Great for introducing the game to newcomers.


The Q&A forum is a forum created by FIRST to answer questions about specific scenarios and rulings.

Team Updates

Team Updates are where FIRST sends updates to rulings throughout the season. These should be checked periodically so that people are up to date on all changes introduced.

Team Resources

Here are some of the team specific resources

Team Website

The team website is a great place to get updates about Stealth.

Team Github

Here is where all the team’s code is held. All the code for FTC, FRC robots along with offseason projects.

Stealth On TBA

The Blue Alliance is a great place to see how the team is doing as well as team statistics.

Other Resources

Here are some other resources that may end up being helpful

Global FRC Discord

The global FRC Discord is a great place to connect with others in the FRC community as well as get help fast and quickly.


The PNW FRC Discord is a great place to converse and connect with other teams and individuals in the PNW area. Here you get help with concerns and questions about FRC if needed.


PNW Business Alliance is an alliance created by multiple PNW FRC teams for the purpose of supporting each other in the business side of the team as well as for fundraising and more.