On June 4th, Stealth attended our local summer festival, Duvall Days. We set up a display with our multiple FTC robots along with our 2022 Rapid React FRC Robot. We were also able to have interactive displays, demoing some our bots.

Our day started off walking our FRC bot through the parade along with a banner showcasing who we are along with our sponsors. We then spent the rest of the day at our both where we were able to interactive with many people from our community and beyond.

At the booth, we were able to explain what FIRST is and what types of ideals FIRST promotes. We also were able to explain how our normal season works and how we build robots and manage the team throughout the season. Lastly, we were able to give information of how to get involved with the team or FIRST for those who were intrested.

Duvall Days has always been a great outreach event for Stealth and we are happy to be back attending the festival in-person again. We considered this year’s Duvall Days a big success and look forward to attending again in the coming years.

Also come see us at our Open House Event, happening this Wednesday, June 6th. The event will start at 6pm at Cedarcrest High School. Any skill level and age group is welcome! We look forward to showcasing who we are and what we do!


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