On June 1st, Stealth Robotics was invited to the Microsoft’s Redmond campus for an event showcasing the local robotics community. The event showcased a wide range of projects from personal projects to production projects already being used in industry.

We were able to demonstrate both our FRC Rapid React bot as well as our multiple FTC Freight Frenzy robots. We were able to safely run to show off their capabilities during the event. Throughout the event, we showcased and explained who we are and what we do to a multitude of people.

It was a great experience for us as well, we were able to meet many people in the area who had been involved in FIRST in the past as well as introduce FIRST and its ideals to those who were interested.

Stealth had a great time at the event and would like to send a big thank you to Microsoft for hosting the event as well as inviting us!

We are looking for our many other upcoming events as well! Including attending Duvall Days this weekend (June 4th)!


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