On October 15th, Stealth Robotics arrived at the first day of the Bordie Recharge 2022 off-season hosted by Team #2412 – The Robototes.

This event was our last event with our 2022 – Rapid React robot. After a though set of qualification matches with great teams from all over the Pacific Northwest, Stealth ended the #3 seed out of the 21 teams in the whole event.

During alliance selections we were picked by the first seed Team #2910 – Jack In The Bot to join their alliance. Together, we also invited Team #949 – Wolverine Robotics to our alliance. We managed to stay on top throughout the round robin alliance elimination matches. Our alliance ended the event as Bordie Recharge 2022 winners.

The ending was bittersweet as it was the last event for our 2022 Rapid React robot – Casey. But we were glad that our robot was able to end on a high note.

Watch our event recap video:



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