Stealth went to the week 3 Sundome event this year!

During qualifications Stealth had a mixed result, nothing going majorly wrong except snapping one of our half inch hex shafts, but not really regaining our typical better functioning ability until the last few qualifications because of a bunch of minor issues in the earlier qualifications. One big difference at this event from Glacier Peak was our redesigned climber hooks, making not only our climb but also our harmony climb with another robot on the chain work very reliably.

For playoffs Stealth ranked 9th and ended up 7th seed alliance captain. 6831 A-05 Annex and 3574 High Tekerz joined our 7th seed alliance, and after some issues with the amp field element and a re-match, we ended up dropping out in match 9 of the playoffs. Thank you to everyone who made this competition happen!



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