On June 10th Stealth Robotics was invited along with FRC Team #2412, The Robototes to Woodridge Elementary to demonstrate our robots at their end of the year fair.

We had a great time demonstrating our robots. We also created demo modes for our smaller FTC robots so that the robots could be driven safely by the younger audience we where demonstrating to.

Along with the Robototes, we were able to inspire many kids to get involved with robotics and FIRST. We were able to point them to the appropriate FIRST resources and programs for their age range and where they can reach out for more information.

Demonstrating our robots is something we love doing as it lets us physically showcase what we have worked on this season as well as gives the people watching a clear vision of what is possible with robotics and STEAM.

We look forward to doing more outreach during this upcoming offseason. If you feel like you know a great place for us to visit, please feel free to reach out!


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