Over the 2022 off-season, the first off-season event team #4089 attended was the Girls Generation Off-Season hosted by Team #2046 – Bear Metal from Tahoma High School.

This offseason focused on bringing representation to underrepresented genders in STEM. Stealth also used the off-season event to train and decide upon our new drive team for the next season.

We had a great set of qualification matches, ending them ranked #3 in the whole event. During alliance selections, we ended up as the #2 alliance captain, choosing Team #492 – Titan Robotics for our alliance. Along with Team #492 we also invited Team #4918 – The Roboctopi to our alliance.

After a tough set of elimination matches, we ended the event as event finalists.

We had a great time at Girls Generation 2022. We would like to thank Team #2046 for planning and hosting the event as well as all the volunteers and people who made this possible!

Watch our Girls Gen 2022 event recap video:


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