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Our team makes it a goal to have outreach as an integral part of our team. We believe that our actions can have a large impact in our community. Whether they are part of our team or not, they are part of our community.

Gracious Proffesionalism

Stealth makes its objective to practice gracious professionalism while competing in FIRST and beyond.

2018 FIRST Seasons

The Next First Seasons

An exciting road lies ahead with these new seasons to come.


Check Out Our Code

All our code is stored on Github. Everyone is free to check it out!

2018 Code

The 2018 season was full of code, you can find all of it on Github.

2018 CODE
T-Shirt Cannon

Stealth’s T-Shirt Cannon’s code has changed over the years. All the code can be found on Github


Check out the code for one of our FTC robot, Jankbot. All code can be found on Github.

2017 Code

Want to see our past code? Check out code from the 2017 FRC season. All code can be found on Github.

2017 CODE

What Is FIRST?

Founded in 1989 and based in Manchester, NH, FIRST is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity designed to inspire young people’s interest and participation in science and technology, and to motivate them to pursue education and career opportunities in STEM fields.

Technology is how we create wealth, how we cure diseases, how we’ll build an environment that’s sustainable and also gives people the capacity to pull more out of this world and still leave it better than when they found it.

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re running into the same obstacles over and over again? Many of my conflicts have the same feel to them, like “Hey, I think I’ve been here before,

Dean Kamen

Founder of FIRST

You have teenagers thinking they’re going to make millions as NBA stars when that’s not realistic for even 1 percent of them. Becoming a scientist or engineer is.

Our 2019 Season

We are pretty excited for our 2019 season and are working hard for the challenges to come.

Mount. Vernon

Our first event will be at Mount. Vernon. We wish the best of luck to all the teams there.

Glacier Peak

Our second event is planned to take place at Glacier Peak. 

Have a question? Check out our FAQ page or Contact Us!

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Our Mentors

We would like our mentors for all the hard work they have put in and all the time they have spent with the team.

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Kevin Ross

Eric Nesbitt

Jim Wright

Lloyd McCracken

David Johnston

Mitch Tolson

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