On March 4th, Stealth Robotics – #4089 started their 3 day event at Glacier Peak High School. At the end of day one we unfortunately encountered an electrical bug. But this bug was debugged overnight and the next morning, was swiftly remedied. We ended qualification rounds, as the third seed. During alliance selections, we were picked by the number one seed, Jack In The Bot – #2910 to be on an alliance with them throughout the elimination rounds. Together we also picked 4H Botsmiths – #4309 to join our alliance. Together we swept through eliminations going 2-0 for quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals, winning the event. We were also chosen to receive the Innovation In Control award. We would like to thank the Sonic Squirrels – #2930 for all their hard work hosting the event! We would also like to thank all the amazing people who made the event possible as well. Lastly, we would like to thank our sponsors and all the people who made our robot and season possible!


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